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How To Defend Your Dissertation Like A Pro

You may buy dissertation but you can’t hire somebody to defend it for you. Dissertation defense starts the moment you start working on this assignment. In the dissertation process context, defense refers to presentation, explanation and defense of the presented ideas. It may also include laying out your rationale behind the made decisions and choices such as the selected research methods and theory.

To defend your dissertation like a pro, you need to divide your defense into distinct components. This division shows that you have done extensive research and you know what exactly you are presenting. Remember that though you may engage a thesis writing service, your dissertation panel shouldn’t know this. It should come out like you did the work yourself.

Here are tips to help you defend your dissertation like a pro:


Prepare for your defense in advance. This entails attending defenses by colleagues in your department and other departments. Also take time to know the deadlines and rules of your school. It’s also imperative that you know the date, place and time for your defense because committee members are usually busy. Maximize opportunities during the pre-defence meeting by raising concerns and issues. If you have questions, ask. Make sure that your manuscript is reviewed before the actual defense to ensure consistence in terms of formatting. Organize the materials for your defense to ensure a flawless presentation. If you don’t have time to polish up your dissertation consider seeking dissertation help online.

Defense Meeting

The defense meeting can start with brief comments from the chair. After this, you will be allowed to make comments that thank your committee members and advisors for their effort and time. Cover your research question and literature review with presentation materials. The literature should relate to methods, theory, analysis, findings as well as recommendations. You will be asked questions during your defense. For instance, you may be asked to identify your study’s weakness and research plans after the dissertation. That’s why you should study and understand your dissertation even if you engage dissertation writers for hire.

After answering the questions, you will be requested to leave and allow the committee to deliberate. That’s when the committee votes whether your dissertation and defense should be passed. If your dissertation and defense pass, the chair will congratulate you and confirm that you have had a successful defense and your dissertation has been passed by the committee.

Post Defense

You can organize a reception for friends, family and committee. But, it’s important that you know the norms for your department after the defense. The committee may have also asked you to revise parts of your work. It’s important that you do so. The chair, members of the committee, friends and family may also need copies of your dissertation. Your library and department may also need copies. Therefore, be prepared with money to cater for the incidental costs that may relate to publishing additional copies.

Basically, these are tips that will enable you to defend your dissertation like a pro. Follow them even when you order your dissertation online and you will have a successful defense.