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Composing A Winning Dissertation Dedication

A dissertation dedication page lets you give credit to people that have helped you write your paper. Although many sections of a dissertation paper are compulsory, the dedication page is optional. However, it is important to acknowledge the efforts of the people that have seen you through the grueling tasks of writing your paper. Here are important guidelines to enable you craft a good dedication for your dissertation paper.

Where to Write a Dedication in Dissertation Paper

If you have chosen to include a dedication in your dissertation, the first step is to determine the right section to place it. This page should be positioned immediately after the approval section. Remember that this section is not included in the overall word count of the paper. It’s also important to note that the dedication should not be listed in the table of contents for your paper.

Writing Style for the Dedication Section

Unlike the other sections of the paper that require you to abide by very strict writing styles or guidelines, there are no formatting styles for writing the dedication of dissertation. This gives you an easier time to genuinely express appreciation without worrying about breaking the formatting rules. However, it is still important to pursue a professional approach in writing.

Even though this page is an optional section, be careful to maintain high standards of writing throughout. Essentially, make sure that it matches the tone of the rest of the paper. Reading dissertation dedication examples will offer you ideas on the best approach to pursue when writing this section.

Who to Include in the Dedication

Generally, there are no rules on whom and what to include in the dedication section of a dissertation. The decision entirely rests on you and it is based on the people, organizations or entities that you feel have supported you in making the project successful. A dissertation dedication can include fellow students, teachers, parents, relatives or other entities that have been supportive in your work.

You may not list all the people who offered their assistance throughout the project. However, it is worth showing gratitude to individuals that have been instrumental in the process. A good dissertation dedication sample will give you hints on who to include. However, think about the whole process and people that really helped you get through it.

How to Express Appreciation in the Dedication

There are various dissertation dedication quotes that you can use to express appreciation in this section. You can start off the page by something like ‘’this is dedicated to…,’’ ‘’I dedicate this work to…,’’ ‘’for…’’ or any other way that will vividly express your gratitude.

Considering the fact that there is no clear cut writing style or formatting rules for the dedication section, crafting it should not be challenging. Reading different dissertation dedication examples beforehand will give you insights into the best way to compose a good dedication for your paper.